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Diode Laser hair removal

July 30, 2021

Latest company case about Diode Laser hair removal

Diode Laser hair removal offers effective and high-quality hair removal treatments. It has a unique wavelength of 808nm that ensures the hair follicles can be removed in the most harmless way possible. It will then be impossible for the hair to grow back. With this machine, laser treatments are offered in motion that ensure the skin is protected in every possible way.Hair removal 808nm, it features a long pulse width of 808nm. With such length, it can easily penetrate to the hair follicle using the selective light absorption theory. It can quickly be absorbed by the hair melanin before heating the hair follicle and shaft. It can generate up to 1200 watts for high-frequency treatments. Due to the large spot and its repetition frequency. The specialists can use it to treat a large effectively without any occurrence of skin damage. The 808nm handpiece enables the machine to work excellently on skin. It features a contact cooling technology for painless hair removal procedures with zero downtime.

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